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Candidate Sourcing

In a recruiting world that gets more competitive by the minute, candidate sourcing not only takes hard work and persistence, but a fearless attitude and powerful sourcing solution. In Candidates Recruitment, our candidate sourcing methodology dramatically speeds up the filtering process, so your Human Resources coordinator can focus more on building relationships with candidates to fulfill your company manpower demand. From analyzing your recruitment need and strengthen your company recruitment synergy, we are able to provide the most comprehensive and integrated candidate sourcing solutions available.

  • Emphasize on Clients’ Requirement

    • Permanent selection
    • Contract staffing services
    • Manpower outsourcing
    • Call center & help desk operation
    • Recruitment & Payroll outsourcing

  • Core Benefits for Your Employment

    • Quality candidates who are value for money
    • Guarantee period to ensure candidates’ loyalty
    • Competitive speed & round-the-clock services
    • Key account consultant to your assignment
    • Establish mutual understanding & cooperation

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Job Portals

Great screening skills, which speed up the chances to interview qualified candidates.


Strong network and rapport with people, enable to keep dormant and active candidates with us.

Head Hunting

Tactfully and discreetly, we make it possible for our clients to access the right person.

The Service Cycle

To increase efficient hiring and retention and to ensure consistency and compliance in the recruitment and selection process, these are the steps to be followed. Candidates Recruitment provides opportunities to align staff skill sets to initiatives and goals within your company, in which enrich departmental and individual growth. Proper planning and evaluation of company human capital strategy will lead to placing the most right person for the role and team.

Step 1: Sourcing

Candidates Recruitment Service Cycle

Step 2: Placement

Our service is success based. No initial deposit to engage our services.
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