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Candidates Recruitment was established in the year of 2008. In these years, we have gained business support and placement orders from industrial and commercial corporations locally and from overseas.


We understand the special needs of each sourcing order as we were once in-house recruitment wing for our parent companies in Singapore and Australia. We are able to tailor our services to cater various specific demands and requirement. Recognition has been developed through years of working experiences with our clients.

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Multilingual Consultants0%
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Candidates Jobs Johor Bahru
Job Portals

Great screening skills, which speed up the

chances to interview qualified candidates.

Candidates Jobs Johor Bahru

Strong network and rapport with people,

enable to keep dormant and active candidates.

Candidates Head Hunting Johor Bahru
Head Hunting

Tactfully and discreetly, we make it possible for

our clients access to the right person.

Company Overview

Started as an internal recruitment department for our parent company in Australia. We have been establishing business ties with various commercial and manufacturing industries.


In addition to recruitment services, the company has invested portions of its assets in Electronics, Trading, Training and Food & Beverage industry. Candidates Recruitment aims to be a leader in the recruitment industry by providing enhanced services, relationship and profitability.

Our Passion

We strive to be resourceful to create value for our clients by creating better employment channel and cultivating corporate culture.
We strive to fulfil all job orders received from our client by demonstrating due diligence in our fine selection of eligible candidates with our endorsement.

Our Vision

To be the leading recruitment brand in Asia-Pacific region with innovative process to change the way we recruit people.

Our Mission

To retain local talents o cater local job markets’ needs, in order to develop better business environment and enhance manpower supply in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia respectively.

Meet Our Leading Team

Candidate Recruitment Admin Johor
Administration / Payroll Outsourcing
Business Development
Human Resources Planning

Candidate Recruitment Training Johor Bahru
Training / Retention Advisor
Candidate Recruitment Specialist Johor Bahru
Account / Finance Specialist

For a full list of our services including supporting team and consultancy for hiring projects,

Please see the Our Services section of our website.

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